News From Far Lands

A web piece / email news created by Lal Avgen
may 6 2016
This project aims to provide people diversed news from the world, focusing on countries in Asia and Africa, also covering Middle East region.
 Every Monday at 9 am subscribers will get an automated e-mail including tweets (mostly) with news links from 34 countries located in the eastern globe.Tweets will be choosen randomly from Twitter, based on popular tweets about spesific search topics. This project developed like a butterfly out of my frustration with Westernized media.
 This project also aimed to be un-biased but after the realization of media can be never un-biased, my solution was to leave it to (fair amount of) people, randomly choose from popular tweets about the searches and let people decide what needs to be heard.
It is an experiment, I don't know which news / non-Westernized news / how many Justin Bieber news you will see. With my good intentions I am hoping it will show us all something we wouldn't see as main headline on one of mass media newssites.
What I intentionally choose was not prioritizing English language, because essentially this platform tries to be as open to everyone from non english speaking countries. Therefore you might get non english tweets and links sometimes - don't be frustrated - just think that maybe someone who speaks that language is reading that link in its own language right now...

Search topics are:
   Turkey, Israel, Iran, Palestine, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Russia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, North Korea, Pakistan, Phillippines, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Algeria, Botswana, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Madagascar, Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda, Senegal, Tunisia, Uganda, Zimbabwe
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