Lal Avgen


Lal Avgen is an international language artist who graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with emphasis in Art& Technology, New Media and Performance [2017]. Lal is a language artist who utilizes computational and natural languages and creates hybrid projects that can't be categorized in a single medium. Combining art, technology and performance, Lal's work integrates the moving image with interactive sensors and code based art. As an upcoming web designer/developer, Lal constantly develops new websites and plays with experimental user interface scenarios. She is currently a member of the international online contemporary media publication, Public Excess; for which she designed the website. Avgen’s performances include; Storm Of Silence IN Festival, Estonia(2017), BFA Performance Festival, Chicago (2017), DFBRL8R Gallery(2017).

Web Design

Public Excess Online Mag, November, 2016
Close The diasporic identity is always in a process of becoming, one that doesn’t realize geographic borders. Its expression is often lost in translation through the canon of visual and literal language. How can we be in direct conversation with these issues through the same modes of communication that have become a banal part of our daily lives? ...
Diaspora to diaspora forces you out of safety and out of habitual relationships.Interconnectedness can create a virtual neighborhood; a home outside of home.
In Conversation With Işıl Eğrikavuk, September, 2016
Close On July 15th 2016 Lal Avgen sat down with Işıl Eğrikavuk to talk about the differences and similarities their practices shared as Turkish female artists living between Chicago and Istanbul.
This is one of the first conversations towards Publicexcess' first online publication 'Diaspora<>Diaspora'. This exchange was shared on the morning of the 15th of July (Taksim,Istanbul), the day of the attempted coup d'etat in Turkey.
News From Far Lands, May, 2016
Close News From Far Lands aims to provide people diversed news from the world, focusing on countries in Asia and Africa, also covering Middle East region. Every Monday at 9 am subscribers will get an automated e-mail including tweets (mostly) with news links from 34 countries located in the eastern globe.Tweets will be choosen randomly from Twitter, based on popular tweets about spesific search topics. News From Far Lands developed like a butterfly out of my frustration with Westernized media.
[Currently Not Active]
Hayır Means No, April, 2017
Close A propaganda project for the upcoming constitutional referandum in Turkey.
On the surface, it might seem a proposal that would enjoy cross-party consensus: modernising Turkey's constitution that was drawn up at the behest of the once-omnipotent military after the coup of 1980. But instead it's arguably the most controversial political change in a generation, giving sweeping powers to the country's powerful but divisive President Erdogan.
Mark Lowen. (2017, April 16).Why Did Turkey Hold A Referandum?. Retrieved from BBC News.
Custom WikileaksAPI, November, 2016
Close This is a a custom API for accessing all the leaks from (as of 2016). This API is unaffiliated with Wikileaks. It was created in order to easily query for url's to leaks associated with different countries and leak groups. Visit the demo page.
Randomconversations with Numbers-on-FB - 2014
Close You can skim through all my facebook messages from years 2007-08-09 from this website. These are all downloaded from Facebook.
What does it mean to use social media consciously? Conscious of the surveillance we are under? - I don't know... In a world where Facebook uses my data to earn money, I like to think myself as in control by already exposing it.


Istanbul - 2015
[ 8 min. ]
This video recording of my performance takes the audience on a tour of Istanbul, and I the native tour guide, but the more you know about a culture, the heavier it gets, what you know about that culture. Visit NNNHome Documentation for a footage of my performance.

Game - 2015
[ 8 min. ]
A game I developed with Processing and Max/Msp. This game utilizes speech analysis and lets you guess words from other languages. The audience pronounces the word out loud and if the pronounciation is right, you get points!
DonmeDolaplar - 2015
Signifie(R/D) - 2016
[ 7 min. ]
Coming from the idea that the semiotic signifier and what it signifies is arbitrary, I am [not] talking about the real essence of understanding each other; beyond language. Can we connect to one another with a deeper level of understanding? >>
Forgotten Beats
Close [2016 [] 8 min. ]
This piece is about the recent[2016] terror events in Turkey and media's biased reaction to it. It is a piece about my people, who are forgotten everyday, it is a piece about the people, who are bound to be forgotten because of their geographic location. It is a piece about not letting people forget, what is forgotten.
This piece was iterated three times, I suggest checking out the 3rd iteration.

2016 [ 8 min. ]
NNNHome questions forced emotional relationships humans have to where they come from. It is a piece that tries to demolish semiotical and geographical boundaries, re-reminding all of us, the unity and how we humans can unite in this segregating world.Indeed NNNHome aims to show the audience why we need to connect in this big world.Equipments: Heart rate sensor, VDMX, Madmapper
Kara's Dunkelness
2017 [ 20 min. ]
Kara’s Dunkelness is an audio/visual performance built with multiple languages, including computational languages -software-. This piece is about cultures and people who are deprived of their cultures. Kara’s Dunkelness is my personal reconciliation between my own culture and the culture I live in. This journey uses separate languages as if they are all small parts of a bigger whole and threads them together. read more
My question is this: how do we talk about borders, edges and divisions made by men through a structure made by men -language-? How do we empathize and understand one another in this way of communicating?Land is essential, land is where one finds their roots, land is urgent, land is where one escapes from war, land is water, where one drowns for farther land; in these states of lands I question; what is a land?
Kara's Dunkelness Estonia -2017
Close [ 20 min. ]
Kara's Dunkelness @ Tiny Garage
Close Kara’s Dunkelness for Tiny Garage by DFBRL8R Gallery September 14, 2017 Bridgeport,Chicago,IL

Moving Image - Installation


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